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Marissa Gianino – Pristine Cleaning

Case Study: Elevating Pristine Cleaning's Black Friday Campaign with 360Growth Marketers and Keap

Client Overview:
  • Company Name: 360Growth Marketers
  • Client: Marissa Gianino
  • Client Business: Pristine Cleaning
  • Industry: House Cleaning

Project Requirement/Problem/Goal

Marissa Gianino, owner of Pristine Cleaning, reached out to 360Growth Marketers with a pressing need: the creation of a compelling Black Friday email campaign. Transitioning to Keap presented an opportunity to enhance their marketing strategy, and Marissa aimed to not only implement a successful Black Friday campaign but also to establish it as a recurring tradition every November.

360Growth Marketers Approach

1) Content Review: 360Growth Marketers kicked off the project by delving into Pristine Cleaning’s historical Black Friday campaigns. A comprehensive review of past graphics and wording was conducted to understand the brand’s style, messaging, and the elements that had resonated with their audience. This step was crucial in maintaining brand continuity while optimizing for the Keap platform.

2) Keap Setup: Armed with insights from the content review, the team proceeded to configure the Black Friday email campaign in Keap. Marissa Gianino collaborated closely with 360Growth Marketers to define the goals of the campaign and ensure that it aligned seamlessly with Pristine Cleaning’s brand identity. The Keap platform was leveraged to customize templates, incorporate brand elements, and optimize for both aesthetic appeal and audience engagement.

3) Automation for November: Understanding Marissa’s vision for a recurring campaign, 360Growth Marketers implemented a robust automation strategy in Keap. The team set up triggers and schedules to ensure that the Black Friday email campaign would be automatically deployed every November. This automation not only streamlined the process but also guaranteed consistency and reliability in reaching both leads and existing clients during the crucial holiday season.

Results and Impact

  1. Timely and Engaging Black Friday Campaign: 360Growth Marketers successfully delivered a Black Friday email campaign that was both timely and engaging. The campaign launch, strategically aligned with the holiday season, maximized the potential for increased customer engagement and conversions.
  2. Brand Consistency and Evolution: The content review facilitated the seamless transition of Pristine Cleaning’s historical branding elements into the Keap platform. The Black Friday campaign not only maintained brand consistency but also showcased an evolution in messaging and graphics, reflecting the growth and adaptability of Pristine Cleaning.
  3. Effective Keap Integration: Leveraging the capabilities of Keap, 360Growth Marketers ensured that the Black Friday campaign was not just an isolated effort but an integral part of Pristine Cleaning’s broader marketing strategy. The platform’s features were optimized to enhance customer interaction and drive desired outcomes.
  4. Automated Recurring Success: The implementation of automation in Keap proved to be a key success factor. Marissa Gianino and Pristine Cleaning now benefit from a recurring Black Friday campaign that requires minimal manual intervention. This approach guarantees sustained annual engagement with leads and clients, allowing for more strategic planning and focus on other aspects of the business.
  5. Increased Customer Engagement and Conversions: The Black Friday campaign, strategically crafted and automated, led to increased customer engagement. Pristine Cleaning experienced higher open rates, click-through rates, and overall interaction with the email content, contributing to a more successful holiday marketing effort.


Client Testimonial: Marissa Gianino expressed her satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, “360Growth Marketers not only met our urgent need for a Black Friday campaign but also elevated it to new heights. Their understanding of our brand, attention to detail, and commitment to automation have made a significant impact on our holiday marketing efforts. With Keap, we now have a reliable and recurring campaign that engages our audience effectively.”

Conclusion: 360Growth Marketers demonstrated their expertise in transforming urgent project requirements into successful and automated solutions for Pristine Cleaning. By seamlessly integrating Keap into the Black Friday campaign strategy, the team not only met the immediate needs of the client but also set the stage for sustained success in the years to come. This case study emphasizes the importance of strategic planning, customization, and automation in achieving effective and recurring email marketing campaigns, particularly in the context of a seasonal event like Black Friday.