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12 Best Ways Marketing Automation Can Help eCommerce Business

Blog/12 Best Ways Marketing Automation Can Help eCommerce Business
12 Best Ways Marketing Automation Can Help eCommerce Business
When you use the correct business marketing automation practices on the apt e-commerce platform, your business can reach good heights with increased sales. Today, more people prefer shopping online rather than going to the market for offline shopping. It is because online shopping gives them a sense of security with quick and easy product selection with an ample variety of product variations at good prices. People find online shopping the best way to shop rather than spending hours in shopping malls. Furthermore, shoppers find it more interesting and easy to shop from online wallets and payment options than traditional credit/ debit swaps. It is because online payment options give them cashback and other perks, so it is highly preferred. Running your store isn’t easy; you must do a handful of jobs simultaneously. Along with communicating with the customers about the product, you also need to maintain your website in a manner that grabs the people’s attention so that they can take necessary purchase action. Many e-commerce businesses are using marketing automation techniques to automate these processes, and benefiting from the efficiency of marketing automation.

What is e-commerce marketing automation?

The real meaning of e-commerce marketing automation is to automatically execute processes, campaigns, and tasks such as sending emails, sending text and push notifications to customers, etc. All these tasks you can do with the help of marketing automation software; hence, this can include a variety of tasks such as sending automated emails, scheduling social media posts, and scheduling Omni channel campaigns across multiple marketing channels such as SMS, emails, and chat.

12 best marketing automation benefits to help your e-commerce business!

Here’s a complete guide to some e-commerce marketing automation ideas:

1. Sending order confirmation emails

The first interaction point with customers after making sales is the order confirmation email. It is quite important to formulate a post-sale email and automate it to be sent after every order confirmation. It is the very initial interaction between the brand and the customer. Furthermore, it must not go wrong in any manner. Per some experts, order confirmation emails have higher open rates and CTR on average. Hence, it’s quite significant to make the correct use of it. There are many ways through which you can formulate an order confirmation email. Such as you can interact about your brand and how promptly you deliver across a city, state, or even nation. You can also include an ongoing offer on your store and reveal if there’s any complimentary gift on an average purchase. It will lead to a higher sales rate.

2. Send shipping confirmation emails.

Another way you can automate the processes of your e-commerce business is by sending shipping confirmation emails. Yes, this also makes your customer confident that your platform is working hard to deliver their product on time. It will eventually make your relationship with your customers strong. Hence, this way, you can build trust with them even more easily and quickly. Automated shipping email reaches the buyer once the shipping status is marked. It is convenient for the customers as they can track their order status. Furthermore, suppose you automate the shipping status in advance. In that case, there’s no chance of forgetting it and your customers would be timely informed about the same. There are several apps for automation processes, such as Klaviyo, which you can use. It’ll showcase that the package is in transit, with visuals being shown on the map.

3. Work on the personalization process

Suppose you want to build a strong bond with your customers. In that case, you should focus on providing them with a personalized user experience. As per a study, customers are likely to purchase more frequently from a brand that offers personalized stuff to them. A personalized user experience for your customers can be done with the help of an e-commerce automation platform such as Klaviyo. Using Klaviyo, we can build a personalized experience for each user visiting the web. Klaviyo can understand users’ behavior on the e-commerce store. Klaviyo tracking can help you understand user behavior and help you create smart segmentation.

4. Make use of upsells and cross-sells

You must have seen a similar suggestion coming up when you check out from a browsing page on an e-commerce platform. It is something which is known as upsells and cross-sells. Suppose you want to do this thing for your e-commerce platform as well. In that case, you need to use certain tools or extensions on your e-commerce store. Those extensions/apps will display the upsell and cross-sell widgets on the store page, whether it’s a product, collection, checkout, thank you page, or even the shopping cart. Furthermore, you can display similar products based on the product’s similarities, characteristics, last viewed items, items in your cart, top sellers, new arrivals, frequently bought together, leaving too soon pages, etc.

5. Showing similar products on the website

Setting up e-commerce marketing automation on the website would help in several ways. Hence, this can even work when you see some product on the website, and with the help of marketing automation tools, you can view similar products.

6. Send automated Messages

Not all customers would know about any ongoing offers or special discounts in your store. It needs to be said to your customers with the help of sending personalized messages. Well, you can formulate a message and automate it with the help of marketing automation tools. This way, more and more customers would know about the offers, which will increase on-site and online sales.

7. Bring back customers with targeted emails.

You and your customers may have lost contact with each other for a while. Well, this is something threatening for your company; hence, to win your customers back, you must take the help of an automated email campaign. You can formulate an email saying “how much you miss your customer”, to create an emotional touch with them. These emails would help the customers re-engage with your brand. All you need to do is formulate an engaging email with a strong subject line and see the magic.

8. Re-engage with the old leads

E-commerce automation helps you re-engage with the old leads who had shown interest in your product or service before, but now the interaction between you two has been lost for some reason. Please reach out to them again and re-establish the lost connection in such a case. For example, you can send a promotional coupon or discount to your old customers with an expiry date, say one week. Your customers will surely open the email once they see the word “discount” or “free coupon”. Try your luck.

9. Place some chatbots for customer service.

It is very important to place a chatbot in the customer service section of your site. Why? Because in e-commerce areas, customers need assistance mostly. That is why the customer care section is a must so that all the customer inquiries can be solved. Make sure your customer care executives are available 24×7 for better assistance.

10. Automate the checkout process

Always aim for a smooth checkout process so that buyers are not catered back from completing the checkout process. When you create a smooth checkout process, you can prevent many people from abandoning the carts. Display all the modes of preferred payment options as it makes it convenient for the customers.

11. Automate the reviews on your website

Gathering the customer’s views on your website is crucial. Why? This way, you could know what improvements you can implement to your website to make more sales. It can be very tedious to set up a manual collection of reviews, which is why it’s better to automate this process via email automation. For instance, sending emails after a few days of delivery, and asking about product feedback would be beneficial.

12. Reward your loyal buyers

By loyal customers, we mean those customers who are making more frequent purchases with fewer returns. With the help of e-commerce marketing automation, you can easily reward your loyal customers for boosting sales and maintaining long-lasting relationships. Moreover, an automated program can also lead to the conversion of a first-time buyer into a regular buyer by automatically rewarding them with coupons and discounts at the time of checkout.


So, are you an e-commerce store owner or a marketing manager? If yes, you should implement the above-shared e-commerce marketing automation strategies for your brand and help your company grow in 2022. You might be confused about where you must begin. Still, it is best to begin with the automation process of Email marketing automation campaigns to get started.

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