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How to Get Your Desired Job Faster using LinkedIn?

Blog/How to Get Your Desired Job Faster using LinkedIn?
How to Get Your Desired Job Faster using LinkedIn?
Looking for your dream job? It’s just a step away from you. Yes, so all the Job seekers and new graduate students! Follow these simple LinkedIn job search tips to find a job faster. Now you have to follow certain tasks to get a job in your desired city.


  1. Go to the LinkedIn search box select Search for: People and click on it.
  2. Now you’ll get another window, similar to this, and click on All Filters.
  3. Now fill in the below details in the filter optionsConnections: 2nd (select the 2nd degree)Locations: (Select your desired Location or Multiple Locations)Industry: (Industry you want to work in)Job Title: "HR" OR "Human Resource" OR "Recruiter" (Just copy and paste all the bold text in the Job Title Box).
  4. Now click on Apply. (Once you click on apply all the people with the HR, Human Resource, and Recruiters profiles will be filtered.)
  5. Now you’ll have a complete HR list of your desired cities and the Industry.


Compose a draft message somewhere in a notebook. e.g. Hello {HR’s first name}, Hope you are doing well, Let me know If there is any job opening for {Position you are looking for} Role at {HR’s Company name}. Regards, {Yourname} Now use this content as a reference purpose Now, you do have a list of HR and you have your content ready.


  • Start opening every profile and click on Connect
  • Click on Add Note
  • Copy-paste your draft content with the modification and click on Send Invitation.
That’s it. “ This personal message shows that you are a genuine job seeker and request acceptance chances will be increased.” Thanks a lot for reading our article and please comment if you have any queries.

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