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How to Increase Average Order Value: 17 Ways to Make More Sales in Ecommerce business

Blog/How to Increase Average Order Value: 17 Ways to Make More Sales in Ecommerce business
How to Increase Average Order Value: 17 Ways to Make More Sales in Ecommerce business
Setting up an e-commerce business is pretty exciting and tedious at the same time. As a business owner, you would like to know how much your customers are spending on buying your products. Well, this would make you understand the growth module of your business. There's an easy way to find out. The Average Order Value (AOV) helps you determine the average order amount of all the transactions made in the given period. It would help you understand how much revenue and profit your business has earned. Many business owners spend some time formulating a business strategy in which they find ways to increase average order value. There is a lot of benefit to increasing Average Order Value (AOV), as your business will make a lot of money from each transaction. It will not just make your store more profitable. Customers often purchase products that they need from your online store. To make your other products in their recognition, you must ensure some strategies to make the hidden products visible to your customers. This way, your company's Average Order Value would witness an increase. In this blog, we will discuss ways to help increase e-commerce sales of your business.

17 ways to make more sales in the e-commerce business to Increase Average Order Value

1. Set a targeted price structure

You will likely fall behind if you do not have specialized, targeted, and dynamic pricing. It is because your competitors might set up a price and launch promotions per the market norms. Now you might be wondering how you can optimize the price list of your products. Well, It can be done with the help of IP geolocation. Through this, you can quickly analyze your website's traffic. This tactic will not just enhance your e-commerce sales but will also keep your clients happy.

2. Bundle up products together

The more products you have on your online shelf, the more the chances of having e-commerce sales increase. If you tend to sell more than one product in your online store, this will increase the average order value. If you bundle up your products, which are purchased together, this will make the customers purchase all of them; otherwise, they wouldn't have purchased them.

3. Use the quirky and catchy design for your product pages.

When you choose a quirky and eye-catching design, your customers will likely be affected by the graphics, layout, colors, and words used. It will improve your conversion rates as this tactic will appeal to the customers. So, to make the tactic even more beneficial, do not forget to bundle the products together and provide lucrative discounts that appeal to the customers.

4. Provide a flexible return policy

Customers are more inclined to platforms that provide them with a flexible return policy. Why? Because even if they have a terrible experience with the product, they are assured that their money won't get wasted and will be refunded to them after the product gets returned. This policy is likely to affect their decision to buy from your company. Hence, provide flexible returns to your customers to get repeat customers and expand the Average Order Value.

5. Highlight best-selling products

When many customers repeatedly purchase a specific product, it becomes a bestseller on an e-commerce platform. Well, when you highlight these products as "bestsellers" on your platform, more and more customers will likely purchase them. It will increase the average order value.

6. Formulate time-sensitive offers

Do you know what time-sensitive offers are? Well, these offers come into existence, especially during the festive seasons. These offers are a brilliant way to increase the Average Order Value. How? These time-sensitive offers create urgency in customers buying the products. So, they keep adding the products to their cart and placing an order in bulk.

7. Personalized shopping experience

A personalized shopping experience for your customers will create more willingness to spend more money on buying your products. Today, many brands offer their customers a personalized shopping experience, making them feel that they are shopping in the market itself. This targeted approach will increase the Average Order value.

8. Offer reliable customer support.

Customers are more inclined toward the platforms that help them with reliable customer support. Reliable customer support means holding their hands in times of need of assistance. If the e-commerce business provides no support, they will probably leave. To make your brand reliable through customer support, you can incorporate staff that will answer customer queries promptly with favorable solutions. It can be done via the live chat support system.

9. Provide free shipping above a minimum amount of order

No one likes to give shipping charges as they cause them hefty amounts, which they can't afford. Many e-commerce businesses are already using this strategy to enhance their Average Order Value. You can formulate a strategy in which you keep a bare minimum amount that is required to be fulfilled to avail of free delivery on products. This way, the customers will add more products to their carts to meet the free shipping threshold.

10. Create a contest

Customers usually love to enroll themselves in contests unless and until they've benefited from them. You can also create a contest on your e-commerce platform in which customers have to purchase frequently to win prizes. There are great apps that will help you run the contest smoothly.

11. Offer gift cards and coupons

When customers have a gift card or a coupon, they will return to your e-commerce store and make a purchase. That is why gift cards and coupons are a great way to encourage repeat customers and, at the same time, enhance the Average Order Value of your business.

12. Create "New Customers" Offers

When new customers join your platform, they must be rewarded, so they build a relationship with you and prefer you over your competitors. In such cases, please reward your new customers with some gift coupons or any complimentary joining benefit. It will bring joy to their customers, and they will come over and over again to your platform. It will lead your e-commerce business to a higher Average Order Value.

13.  Offer competitive discounts

Providing discounts to your customers is a great way to encourage your customers to buy more from you. It will expand the Average Order Value and give your customers a valid reason to spend more on your products. Customers are more attracted to discounts than any other tactic, so you must use this tactic more often than any other tactic for ultimate benefits.

14. Show low inventory notifications.

When a stock item is low in inventory, you should send notifications such as "Buy before it is gone" to your customers. It would not just ensure that your product is sold, but it would help you earn more per order. You can highlight low inventory by using badges or even by showing up some pop-up that the product is "running out fast". Thus, allowing you to increase the Average Order Value.

15. Create a solid social media presence

As you are finding ways to increase e-commerce sales, well, this is the foremost strategy you must follow. As an e-commerce business, a social media presence is highly vital. It would let different audiences know about your existence, which would derive colossal traffic to your e-commerce store. You can even take the help of influencer networks if you have a sufficient budget.

16. Ensure money back guarantee to your customers

Generating trust in the initial phase is paramount. Online shoppers cannot physically try or touch any products, so it is essential to help them with a money-back guarantee to purchase without hesitation. Your quality as an e-commerce retailer would build trust among your customers and generate confidence in your new customers to purchase your products.

17. Improve mobile browsing for your customers

Usually, people are indulged and engaged in purchasing through their smartphones rather than placing orders from the web. In such a case, if your e-commerce site is not mobile-friendly, how will it grow? Have you ever thought about it? Hence, making your e-commerce business mobile-friendly is essential so that more and more sales can be made, ensuring a higher Average Order Value.


Hash! That was enough information to take in. However, it is not important to implement all of these tactics at once. Go slow. Formulate a social media presence by creating a fully functional website, making it mobile-friendly and user-friendly, and then come up with these tactics. It is undoubtedly going to work. Good Luck!

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