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One Click Checkout Platforms: Which Option is Right For You?

Blog/One Click Checkout Platforms: Which Option is Right For You?
One Click Checkout Platforms: Which Option is Right For You?
There are multiple fields required to fill before making the final purchase. The path between the purchase and the final payment required multiple steps. Fields include full name, e-mail shipping address, contact number, and other customer personal data fields required before the final checkout. These multiple checkout steps can make a customer flee away as they don't have this much time to fill in the entire details or they will find any other medium less tedious. In such circumstances, implementing one-click checkout platforms works wonders. Why? Because one-click checkout platforms provide their customers with smooth checkout options rather than spinning them. It would result in less abandonment of carts, and this would generate more revenue. This guide shares everything about one-click checkout platforms. So, let's dive into this blog to know everything about it.

All about one-click checkout!

Many business owners term the fast one-click checkout process as an "express lane" checkout procedure, as in this process, they do not have to follow ample steps before the final checkout. The name "express lane" implies that the customers can check out with just a single click of the mouse or just with a tap of a finger. Basically, in the one-click checkout process, the system automatically fills the buyer's personal information, making the checkout process easy for them. The automatically filled data was recorded when the user might have made a purchase. Do you know that Amazon first introduced one-click checkout? Yes, you got that right. When Amazon introduced the one-click checkout process, it was such a novel process that this giant patented it for internal usage. The one-click checkout process is a win-win situation for business owners and the buyers. Why? Because the buyers get a streamlined checkout process, whereas the businesses get increased conversion rates and fewer cart abandonments. To begin with the one-click checkout process, the users need to enter their personal information just once, after which it'll be automatically stored and filled within the payment processor for future usage.

How does one-click checkout work?

It is necessary to go through the traditional checkout process at least once. Why? Because the payment processor needs to store personal information such as name, shipping address, contact information, and more, the one-click checkout process can take place next time. When the buyer enters all the necessary information, including the payment details such as card number, CVV number, and expiration date, the data is then captured and stored on the merchant's secure server. As soon as the customer re-visits the website and reaches the checkout page, the one-click checkout option will be enabled on the online store. If a customer wants to make a purchase, they can do so with a click of a button. However, if their intention is not to proceed further, they must cancel the purchase before the payment is automatically authorized and processed.

Benefits of one-click checkout option!

One-click checkout is the most convenient method for online buyers. This convenience is attained in several ways, such as:

Less cart abandonment

Buyers usually feel uninterested or lethargic in undergoing a lengthy checkout procedure. It results in high cart abandonments. On the contrary, when businesses switch to a one-click checkout procedure, it not only simplifies the checkout process but also streamlines the procedure. It will give the buyers fewer or no reasons to walk off and purchase products from your competitors. It is one of the prime benefits of the one-click checkout process.

Ultimate security standards

If you think that one-click checkout procedures result in some fraudulent activities, then you are wrong. Onestep Checkout is protected by security standards. The data would be meaningless even if a hacker manages to break into the transmission.

Easy to cancel wrongly placed orders

If a customer has purchased the wrong product in a hurry, then, in this case, they do not have to worry about the cancellation fee waiver. This method is safe and does not charge any fees for order cancellations. The orders get easily canceled, and hence this is how this method is entirely beneficial for the customers.

Urges the customer to come back for more

Customers who get the assistance they require will always come back for more. It means that as your platform does not require you to enter all the personal information, again and again, the buyers who liked this will never go to your competitors to buy the products. Rather they would choose to buy it from you over and over again.

What are the different one-click checkout solutions?

Are you interested in offering your customers fast, one-click checkout solutions, but you are unsure which system you must go with? Well, we might help! Ample payment processors offer customers different features catered to businesses of all types and sizes. Let us discuss each of the payment processors in detail below:

Shop Pay

The Shop Pay app is available to Shopify customers and sellers on Facebook and Google. Shop Pay app lets businesses collect payments conveniently and does not cause any inconvenience, which leads to a delayed buying process. The user interface of Shop Pay supports automatic cart filling so that the customers can save their payment and personal details on the app to speed up the checkout process.

Bold checkout

Bold checkout is one of the top-rated one-click checkout solutions in the e-commerce space. It aims to provide its customers with a frictionless shopping experience, which sets it apart from the other solutions. Through this effective tool, businesses can generate huge revenues using more sales, and conversions. Furthermore, it speeds up the buying process for each of the customers.


Bolt is becoming the fastest one-click checkout platform for mobile phone users. It is safe to use, making the buying experience amazing for all the customers. One of the best features of the Bolt is that this has a good approach to fraud detection. You must be wondering how. Bolt can detect fraud accounts by analyzing the behavioral data and relying upon machine learning.

Stripe Link

Do you know that Stripe Link is one of the most well-known payment service providers? The stripe link app lets the customers store their personal information, such as payment details and shipping addresses which can be used during checkouts.

Facebook Pay

Facebook Pay is another payment service provider that helps buyers make a smooth checkout process. Well, Facebook Pay works for users buying from platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Facebook Messenger. To make the payment, the customer needs to enter their payment details at least once, and after that, as the app will save their information, they do not have to enter it again and again in future purchases. All the customers have to do is enter their PIN to confirm the transaction. As more and more buyers are reliant upon online shopping these days, online shopping has become more convenient with Facebook Pay these days.

Paypal One Touch

Paypal One Touch is also one of the most preferred means of paying online, which provides one-click checkout. Paypal's one-touch features give amazing checkout options to buyers as they do not have to enter any of the details again and again. Users of Paypal One Touch do not need to add their login details when they are ready to make a transaction as the login details are saved in the payment processor beforehand. It helps the users to complete their purchases quickly without any delays.


Today buyers are expecting a streamlined process of checkout at the time of online shopping. But what restricts their buying experience is the slow payment checkouts which lead to cart abandonment or loosening interest in customers' buying. In such cases, fast one-click checkout helps. These payment tools are developing so customers can complete their payment with just a click of a button and make payments in a fraction of a time. It makes a business venture profitable, with more conversions and increased leads. Search for one-click checkout companies and implement these processes for your business today.

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