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What Is a Good Conversion Rate For an E-commerce Site?

Blog/What Is a Good Conversion Rate For an E-commerce Site?
What Is a Good Conversion Rate For an E-commerce Site?
The conversion rate of a website shows how effectively a company can turn visitors into sales or simply the process of a potential visitor becoming a real customer. Your marketing plans specify your course of action, which typically entails the following:
  • Completing a registration form (such as a lead generation or contact us form).
  • Downloading a resource (a software demo, an ebook, a mobile app, etc.)
  • Registering for special offers
  • Purchasing goods
  • I'm calling your company
  • Participating in your online chat
  • Enhancing their offering
A high conversion rate for e-commerce indicates an efficient marketing plan and website design, whereas a poor conversion rate suggests that a company may be losing out on leads and potential consumers. A poor conversion rate, however, indicates that there is an opportunity for improvement, which will be covered in the final section of this article.

How are your conversion rates determined?

In reality, figuring out the conversion rate is not too difficult. Simply multiply the number of conversions you receive in a given period by the total number of visitors to your website or landing page, and then divide that result by 100%. Here is the equation: (Conversions / Total Visitors) * 100% = conversion rate. Imagine, for instance, that you started an email campaign to alert 10,000 of your previous customers to the impending introduction of your new product. 500 individuals clicked on your email in the first week following publication to place a pre-order. 500 divided by 10,000 and then multiplied by 100% gives the conversion rate for the email as 5%. In reality, most online advertising and analytics platforms may display your conversion rate right in their user interface if you set up a tracking program.

What is a suitable conversion rate for your online store?

However, they advise using a 2%+ conversion rate as your online store's minimum objective. No one wants to limit himself to just 1%, and it is clear that the majority of people want to drive as many conversions as they can from their website, so it is an understandable thing. On e-commerce CRO websites, conversion rates can vary greatly between industries. This might be caused by the nature of the sector, the device, buyer supply and demand, and transaction value. For example, the typical conversion rates for mobile users would typically differ from those for the same website when viewed on desktops. Comparing your e-commerce conversion rate to a global benchmark that combines conversion rates across industries is not worthwhile. If you want to compare your conversion rate to that of others, look for average conversion rates for that category. Here are several category-specific benchmarks that are supported by recent research in case you are starting again.

Conversion rate by routes of referral

To determine which advertising strategies were most successful in generating new customers, Priceonomics Heap, an analytics firm, performed an anonymous survey on some important tech platforms like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter. At roughly 8%, which is more than 1.5 times higher than Facebook, search engines like Google and Bing had the greatest customer conversion rate in the end. The lowest conversion rates are found on YouTube (0.5%), Snapchat (0.6%), and Twitter (0.9%).

Conversion rate by industry

Based on the information provided by IRP Commerce, an impartial market research platform, the image below shows the e-commerce conversion rate by industry. Arts & Crafts is in the lead with 4.01%, while Baby & Child is in second place with 0.71%.

Conversion rate by kind of product

Interesting data from Compass' most recent median data is also included, providing an extra window into how conversion rates are spread throughout each Product Type. The top 25% benchmarks are excellent for determining how the top performers are performing and whether they can significantly outperform the competition.

Conversion rate by device

For significant e-commerce firms in the second quarter of 2019, Statista is an excellent resource for frequently updated data on United States benchmarks on conversion segmented by devices and media. Online store operators must be aware of conversion criteria that should be met on a smartphone platform as more customers make purchases using mobile devices. The data shows that mobile commerce conversion rates are typically half of those on desktops, indicating that mobile devices are more popular for product browsing than desktops for actual transactions.

Conversion rate by the nation

It's crucial to consider the benchmark conversion rates of various nations. For instance, a market in the United States will have a different conversion rate than a market in France.

Conclusions about standards for e-commerce conversion rates

A "good" e-commerce conversion rate formula might mean different things to different people based on how and where they define themselves in the e-commerce sector. You can develop your optimization tactics and gain a better grasp of your performance and objectives by employing benchmarks. They are not absolute gold standards to adhere to, but it is always ideal to approach problems from diverse angles and combine two or more benchmarks to get the greatest outcomes. How may your conversion rate be increased? Nothing is too tiny to warrant reviewing and improving, so paying attention to the details is always a good idea. Here is a helpful checklist of 5 strategies to get you started and raise your e-commerce conversion rate:

1. Highlight problems and their remedies.

Visitors come to your page in search of information that piques their interest or aids them in overcoming challenges. Be very explicit about how your goods and services will help them, or even better, demonstrate why they really must check out your website.

2. Adapt to your ideal clients

Although this may be obvious, a low conversion rate may be explained by an unattractive website. Always consider the following inquiries while creating a website:
  • Is it simple to navigate the website?
  • Does it have a visually stunning quality?
  • Is the photography of the products appealing?
  • Is the checkout procedure simple?
  • Are offers sufficiently clear?

3. Maintain immediate access to all relevant materials.

Keep your visitors' attention on the crucial elements if you want a high conversion rate. When a visitor first arrives at your website, they should see your selling points, alluring offers, and call-to-action buttons without having to scroll to see anything unrelated.

4. Offer clever deals, coupons, sweepstakes, and offers.

According to Expedia Affiliate Network, 61% of customers cite discounts and coupons as their preferred method of fostering loyalty. Customers adore receiving discounts and discount codes when they least expect them. you can offer specials for holidays or other special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Additionally, this can attract clients' attention and increase conversions. Additionally, contests are a way to make users buy a certain number of products to enter to win prizes or bonus points.

5. Pay attention to the sources of referrals

It is advised to take into account the channels that are directing the most visitors to your sales and landing pages. For instance, if you receive a lot of traffic from Facebook, make sure your landing page and Facebook post have the same designs and other characteristics to convince visitors that they are in the proper place.


A good conversion rate is what? One that converts prospects more quickly than you are currently doing. It's that easy! There is no quick fix; even if you use a benchmark, you still need to test and work hard to get better every day. Your conversion rate will increase the more you pay attention to user behavior. It all comes down to putting yourself in your client's position, figuring out what they want, and then giving it to them.

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