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What Is Email Automation And 8 Tips To Grow Business Using It

Blog/What Is Email Automation And 8 Tips To Grow Business Using It
What Is Email Automation And 8 Tips To Grow Business Using It
Personalization works differently. When you approach someone for something, it works differently rather than approaching them through any third person. Similarly, this applies to marketing as well. When you send some personalized messages to a user, they act positively and give good attention to it. But it is impossible to send personalized emails to an extent, which is where email automation helps. With the help of customized emails, you can spontaneously send personalized emails to your customers; hence, for each touchpoint, you organically move along in the sales funnel. Let's dive into and learn what is email automation and its tips.

What is email automation?

Email automation is one of the best ways to communicate with potential customers. Why? Because through this, you can send specific emails at specific time intervals. Also, you can prepare the emails beforehand to send them when you automate the campaign. Many applications help in pre-making the emails; hence, this is the best way to grow your business. With email automation, you can reach out to the right audience at the very right time. For more effective results, you can link your CRM with an email marketing app, and hence you can nurture more and more subscribers. This way, you can even record their purchases and usual behaviors. Now you know what is email automation. Some examples of automated emails include:
  • Sending order confirmations,
  • Sending shipping status,
  • Sending personalized birthday wishes,
  • Sending welcoming messages to new subscribers,
  • Sending orders and delivering emails.

Difference between email automation and drip Campaigns!

Many people think that email automation and drip campaigns are the same terms, but they are not. Drip campaigns are those general emails that will be sent to every user. There’s a slight difference between automated email marketing and drip campaigns. Well, drip campaigns are generic in terms of approach and email content. Drip campaigns are prebuilt emails scheduled for regular intervals, and those email templates will be framed with broad messaging. These emails are sent to every customer regardless of their interaction with the brand or recent involvement. On the other hand, automated emails are personalized as they are sent to every customer with their names. Also, automated emails are sent to those customers or audiences who have purchased recently through the brand or contributed to the brand in any manner through the sales funnel. For instance, if a customer prepares a cart but does not check out with it, then an email will be sent saying, “Come back and complete your purchase,” or “You forget to checkout, (name)” etc. This will have a high impact on the customer, and there are huge chances that interested buyers can take necessary action.

Benefits of email automation!

It's automatic and doesn't need interference.

One of the best things about email automation is that it performs everything independently. It does not require anything to be done manually as it is pretty intelligent to perform the tasks automatically. If you are using any email automation tool, and you do not have time or need anyone to hit the 'send' button. As it is automated, emails or text messages will be sent to your email audience at a specific time interval. You can rely upon email automation tools 24*7.

Email automation nurtures your leads.

People don't like to be contacted by the sales team unless and until they want any information. Well, if any lead of yours has downloaded anything from your platform or landed on your web page, this doesn't mean they are willing to hear back from you. They might think it's clingy to be contacted by the sales team upon arriving at the website, and there are chances that they will avoid coming back again. In such a case, it's better to automate the email and let it do its work. An automated email would follow up with your lead's interests and spread any vital information to them. It is essential to frame a relevant and highly engaging email so that the viewers take necessary action upon reading it.

Boosts brand awareness

When you choose to automate your tasks, they tend to look more professional and consistent. You, as an individual, might not be able to remain consistent throughout but with the help of email automation, your business looks more organized and responsive at the same hand. When your brand sends emails to your customers with the right content at the right time, the customers may start noticing your brand's efforts. It increases brand awareness.

No room for errors

Well, suppose you are working with someone writing the emails manually every time. In that case, there is room for errors, but if you automate your tasks, it is less likely that a mistake will happen. When you send emails as a brand, you cannot afford to make any spelling mistakes as it can lead to a loosening of customers' interest in your brand.

Reduction in costs

Why have a large sales team when only a few professionals can handle it? When you are automating your tasks, you do not need to take follow-ups from your customers daily. The automated emails would do the needful, reducing overall company expenses.

How to grow your business with email automation?

Now that we know what email automation is and its benefits, it's time to know how you can grow your business using email automation. Let's have a read to it:

Helps you launch new products and services

Well, one main thing about email automation is that it helps you to launch new products and services, which means that using email automation, you can easily reach thousands of potential customers in one go. Emails are more likely to create awareness and impact, and through this, your potential customer may take necessary action immediately.

It brings in customer loyalty.

As your business is new, you need to ensure that you earn customers' trust, and sending personalized automated emails is the best way to do so. It helps in building a long-term relationship with your customers, and at the same time, it helps in bringing in more subscribers your way. Hence, you can generate customers' loyalty toward your brand.

Feedback and testimonials are always helpful.

Email marketing automation lets you easily track who bought what and how frequently they are buying any product from your website. If a customer is increasingly coming to your website, you can ask for a testimonial or feedback. Why? Because this will help you know where you are going right and what parts you need to improve. This way, you can quickly grow your business moving ahead.

It helps in getting more web traffic.

The more emails you send, the more traffic you can generate, which will take your business to the next best level. Email automation is the most effective way to create more and more web traffic. How? By sending newsletters regularly. In the newsletter, you can include your company's new implementations and let your customers know about any new launches. It will keep them engaged with your brand, and hence it'll highly improve the growth statistics of your brand.

Helps in improving the brand's image

Your brand's image is improved when you interact with them regularly. However, interaction with your audience should not be forced. However, it should be in a way that makes it appear natural but not imposed. Prioritize sending daily updates to your regular customers with the help of automated emails. Hence, you will start expecting returns shortly.

Improves your credible side in front of customers

Your credibility improves when you showcase quality work to your customers. Users are always in search of quality work online. If they get the same, it improves their credibility. It influences their decision to further decide in favor of your brand.

You get new opportunities.

When you interact with your audience regularly, this not only improves your brand's image but also opens doors for new opportunities. The more people know about your brand, the more opportunities get generated. So, never let an opportunity go.

It helps you convert visitors into clients.

With the help of email automation, converting your visitors into potential clients is pretty subtle. How? Well, by giving the reason to come back to those who have left your website without indulging, making a purchase, or even requesting any information.

Final Verdict

So, now that we have come to the end of this blog, we believe that the above-shared information clarifies what email marketing automation is and its benefits. We have also shared some tips about how you can grow your business with email automation. So, give this blog a good read to be successful in your company shortly.

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