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E-commerce Business Automation Guide for 2023 (What it is and Advice 2023)

Blog/E-commerce Business Automation Guide for 2023 (What it is and Advice 2023)
E-commerce Business Automation Guide for 2023 (What it is and Advice 2023)
Consider that you are an eCommerce store entrepreneur trying to hire staff to promote your business. It's too much work, from monitoring social media accounts and running ads to copywriting and strategy. Not to add, it will take a lot of labor and money to make things go well. The majority of business owners find marketing intimidating since they are unwilling to make that commitment. Our recommendation? Utilize an e-commerce marketing automation guide to make your life simpler, leveraging the power of business automation. It's the magic solution that will let you accomplish your goals without working hard. Are you prepared to automate your marketing processes? Just jump in!

What does automated eCommerce marketing mean?

Automation of eCommerce marketing functions similarly to a perfect worker. Can you blame people who have to perform the same boring chores every day for a long period? While managing repetitious marketing tasks and workflows, automation software will remain enthusiastic. It's like putting everything on autopilot. The platform will handle everything for you flawlessly, including managing and tracking your metrics sending nurture emails, and remarketing advertising. It will be impossible to manually create every message to drive engagement when your business expands. Embracing software for marketing automation proves to be a wise investment for scaling your online store, harnessing the power of business automation.

Why is automated eCommerce marketing vital?

There are several justifications for investing in automation solutions, but these are the ones that apply to the majority of eCommerce enterprises, particularly those related to business automation.

1. More conversions

In 2021, 77% of marketers who used e-commerce business automation technologies noted an increase in conversions. This is so that you may target the appropriate individuals at the appropriate moment. Imagine that you manage a bike shop. If a consumer purchases a bike from you, you are aware that it will need maintenance and new lighting throughout the next season. Using marketing automation, you may set up a pipeline that sends emails, notifications, or SMSes to customers to increase the value of the bike while increasing your revenue. It's a win-win circumstance.

2. High average order value (AOV)

Most eCommerce business owners make the costly error of concentrating on customer acquisition while ignoring AOV, which is significantly less expensive. You may find products that are selling like hotcakes, segment your consumer base, and do split testing to test out price changes by using marketing automation software. Your AOV increases when you raise the price of your products.

3. Enhanced consumer insights

34% of marketers or so believe that marketing automation will enhance customer understanding. They are not mistaken. You will receive behavioral information such as the following every time a prospect completes a survey, subscribes to a newsletter, or makes a purchase from you in addition to identity information like name, address, and email address.
  • Product inclinations
  • Hectic period of the day
  • Consumer favorites
Your marketing strategy will ultimately benefit from all this information.

4. Lower human mistake rates

It's normal for your mind to start to wander when you're creating copy for marketing materials. This could result in a range of mistakes, some slight and others catastrophic. Software for automation can help to lower that risk. Once you've taught it, it will carry out your instructions exactly.

5. Raises effectiveness

Do you think you could live without Google Maps? Imagine automation as the work that Google Maps performs for you. Google Maps will guide you if you only enter your destination, add stops to your journey, check the traffic, and select the shortest route.

What qualities should tools for eCommerce marketing automation have?

It's crucial to choose the appropriate automation technology for your eCommerce business after determining your goals. You might choose to use email marketing or link the marketing tool with your software. Before selecting one, take into account the following:


Verify how easy it is to install the automation program. It is best to move on if the tool has a challenging user interface or navigation and you don't have the time or resources to train your staff on how to utilize it. Instead of impeding the marketing processes, automation is the goal.


Instead of slipping into the luxury trap, find software that fits your needs and budget. A tool's price does not guarantee that it will increase your revenue.


Ideally, your new eCommerce marketing software will be able to work with your current programs. Other SaaS services need APIs and webhooks to integrate with your programs, while some SaaS systems integrate with automated systems and plugins.

Customer service

You may anticipate faster response times and dispute resolution thanks to on-demand tech help and customer support teams that are accessible by phone, email, or chat. Look for software that is supported by a team that is prepared to assist you with setup and address your questions.

Analytics and metrics

Verify that the new software can calculate and provide reports based on your measurements and marketing KPIs (KPIs).

Best software for automating eCommerce marketing

Test driving the front-runners is now necessary. The top ecommerce marketing automation tools are listed below.


For eCommerce companies, Mailmodo focuses on email marketing automation services. Retailers may automate the user journey with automated email campaigns thanks to simple workflows. To launch effective AMP email campaigns and increase client lifetime value, the platform combines a drag-and-drop builder, responsive templates, and custom integrations.


Omnisend, one of the most well-liked e-commerce automation tools, deals with problems that the majority of e-commerce marketers experience, like cart abandonment. It enables you to design campaigns based on consumer behavior and monitors the impact of marketing automation on revenue.


A three-in-one platform called ActiveCampaign combines email marketing, digital marketing automation, and a CRM for eCommerce companies. This application allows you to map out exactly what is happening in your automation using a powerful visual automation editor. For personalization and segmentation, there are more than 600 prebuilt automated systems available.


Owners of eCommerce businesses may design customized experiences with Klaviyo for email, SMS, marketing channels, and in-app notifications. It is a marketing automation system created specifically for email that comes with a variety of pre-made templates for speedy email production and segmentation.


With the use of automated SMS messages and email marketing. Drip assists eCommerce firms in making money. Additionally, Drip's workflows target and segment consumers in the proper manner and at the proper time to attract new clients and keep old ones.


For e-commerce marketers who don't want to use up important internal resources to create campaigns, Rejoiner is a fantastic solution. It functions as an email marketing platform, from design to strategy to analytics. Rejoiner is significantly more comprehensive and versatile than other email builders now on the market, as compared to other programs.


Using Autopilot, a user-friendly marketing automation tool, the entire customer journey is mapped and automated. Your team may add amusing emojis and stickers to email automation sequences, allowing everyone to participate in real-time. You can use it to automate marketing messages even if it lacks a built-in CRM.


Drift is appropriate for a range of enterprises because it integrates with numerous well-known eCommerce platforms and leading SaaS providers. The Pro tier of Drift includes bot playbacks, automated meetings, and automatic CRM connectivity.

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